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Fuel Products & Lubricants

Fuel Products
As a full service oil & energy company Teddy’s also provides fuel products for farming, commercial, industrial, and specialized applications. We deliver fuel products using a fleet of fully insured, state-of-the art, radio-dispatched tanker trucks.

We deliver to all types of tanks ranging from 275-gallon work-site tanks to large underground tanks. Drivers are carefully trained to understand safe delivery practices for a variety of aboveground and underground tanks.

The Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection certifies delivery meters. Drivers hold Class B licenses with hazardous materials and tanker truck endorsements. The Federal DOT randomly tests our drivers for drug and alcohol use.

Our Fuel Products include:

  • Kerosene  (MSDS)
    Kerosene for heating or for use as a Motor Fuel

During the coldest months our suppliers provide winterized blends to prevent gelling and operational problems due to extreme cold with diesel products.

Our sister company, Ellsworth & Lassow, provides a full range of petroleum products throughout the Hartford metropolitan area to commercial, industrial and residential customers. Our lubricants include:
  • Industrial Lubricants
    Synthetic Lubricants, Circulating Oil, Concrete Form Oil, Crusher Lubricant, Cylinder Oil, Electrical Insulating Oil, Elevator Oil, Gear Oil Greases, Hydraulic Fluids, Paper Machine Oil, Pneumatic Tool Oil, Process Oil, Refrigeration oil, Vacuum Pump Oil, Way Oil Rust Preventions, Grease
  • Metalworking Fluids
    Cutting Oils (Heavy Duty Active, Non-Staining), Drawing Oil, Grinding Oil, Honing Oil, Quenching Oil, Stamping Oil, Soluble Oil Synthetic Fluids
  • Transportation Lubricants
    Engine Oils, Synthetic and Mineral, Automotive, Aviation, Commercial, Marine, Natural Gas, Two-Cycle Outboard Motor Oil (TC-W3), Railroad, Transmission Fluids, Tractor Fluids, Gear Lubricants, Grease
  • Packaging
    Bulk, Drums, Kegs, Pails, Cases

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