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Home Heating Oil

Heating oil is delivered using a fleet of fully insured, state-of-the art, radio-dispatched tanker trucks. We deliver to all types of tanks ranging from 275-gallon basement tanks to large underground tanks. Drivers are carefully trained to understand safe delivery practices for a variety of aboveground and underground tanks.

Delivery meters are certified by the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection and controlled by an on-board computer to insure accurate, reliable deliveries. Drivers hold Class B licenses with hazardous materials and tanker truck endorsements. The Federal DOT randomly tests our drivers for drug and alcohol use.

To learn more about the oil heat industry visit these informative websites: National Oil Heat Research Alliance (NORA) and the Independent Connecticut Petroleum Association (ICPA).

Automatic Delivery or Will Call Delivery

  • Automatic Delivery Customers are scheduled for delivery based on the weather (Degree Days), the customerís tank size, the customerís historical usage pattern, and our delivery routes for your neighborhood.
  • Will Call Customers decide for themselves when their tank needs a delivery. This is not our preferred method for oil delivery because it costs the customer more and has many run-out risks; these risks include relying on an inaccurate tank gauge, calling the day before a snowstorm, calling the day after our truck was near your neighborhood, and others. We require reasonable notice and minimum delivery amounts for Will Call delivery accounts.
Pricing Programs
Teddyís helps you plan your family budget and minimize the impact of oil price swings by offering Oil Pricing Programs:
  • Budget payment plans
  • Early payment discounts
Payment Methods
  • Cash, check, credit card, or money orders are accepted.
  • Automatic delivery customers receive a stamped return envelope for payments by mail.
  • Payments received within 10 days of delivery receive a 15-cent per gallon discount.
  • Payment in full is required within 10 days, or before the next delivery, whichever is shorter.
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