We deliver to all types of oil tanks ranging from 275-gallon basement tanks to large underground tanks. Drivers are carefully trained to understand safe delivery practices for a variety of aboveground and underground tanks.

Delivery meters are certified by the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection and controlled by an on-board computer to insure accurate, reliable deliveries.


Automatic Delivery or Will Call Delivery

  • Automatic Delivery Customers are scheduled for delivery based on the weather (Degree Days), the customer’s tank size, the customer’s historical usage pattern, and our delivery routes for your neighborhood.
  • Teddy's Oil customers also have the the option of participating in Will Call. Will Call Customers decide for themselves when their tank needs a delivery. This is not our preferred method for oil delivery because it can cost the customer more should they run-out and has several risks; these risks include relying on a potentially inaccurate tank gauge, calling the day before a snowstorm, calling the day after our truck was near your neighborhood, and others. We require that you call us when your gauge reads 1/4 or above. Delivery to be made within 3 business days of receiving your request.

Pricing Programs

Teddy’s helps you plan your family budget and minimize the impact of oil price swings by offering Oil Pricing Programs:

  • Budget payment plans
  • Early payment discounts

Payment Methods

  • Cash, check, credit card, or money orders are accepted.
  • Automatic delivery customers receive a delivery ticket upon completion of the delivery.
  • Payments received within 10 days of delivery receive a 15-cent per gallon discount.
  • Payment in full is required before your next delivery.
  • Automatic credit card charges are available.